DECEMBER 2nd and 3rd 11am to 5pm


Enjoy barrel tasting of the 2016 and 2017 vintages and the bottled wine from 2015 with appetizers.
Pam’s Jammin’ will offer coffees and gift baskets. Music will include David Sheppard and Collage throughout the day and the madrigal choir will sing twice each day in the wine cellar. Start the holiday season joyously with music, food, friends and good wine.
For more information – email to or call (970)5273269 or (970)5276290.

For more information and directions call 970-527-3269 or just use the map link on the contact page.

SHIPPING: We can ship directly within Colorado to anyone over 21. Adult signiture is required at delivery location. For shipments within Colorado, please order directly from the winery by e-mail or call me at (970) 527-3269. Wine can be shipped to some out of state locations by going to

To get directions, visit our contact page.